About Before Your Eyes

Before your Eyes, Inc. was started in 1988 by filmmaker/choreographer Jo Andres and has been used for arts and education ever since. Jo’s work as well as Lucy Sexton and Anne Iobst’s DANCENOISE, John Jesurun, Rockets Redglare & Luis Fernadez de la Reguera and Obala Sarajevo have been supported by grants and fundraising through Before Your Eyes, Inc. Jo Andres & Lucy Sexton are currently on the Board of Directors.

Current programs include AUNTS and ClassClassClass which work within the frame of contemporary performance to provide artist practitioners opportunities develop their work through live performance and teaching.


The mission of Before Your Eyes, Inc. is to foster new forms of presentation, collaboration, and pedagogy within a broad definition of dance, performance and film. We aim to empower artists to develop relevant models of performance and teaching through active practice. We promote non-hierarchical power structures, giving agency to a diverse group of artists, collectives and individuals to work within temporary communities and pop-up spaces. An all women-run organization, Before Your Eyes holds a feminist curatorial philosophy of “holding the door open,” rather than standing as a gatekeeper.

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Staff and Board

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Laurie Berg & Liliana Dirks-Goodman

Photo by Tei Blow

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Tatyana Tennenbaum & Lindsey Reuter
ClassClassClass Co-Directors

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Board of Directors

Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Laurie Berg, James Kidd, Rebecca Brooks, Lucy Sexton, Jo Andres