AUNTS is a choreographic apparatus for organizing simultaneous performance and art activities in a shared space.

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CLASSCLASSCLASS is a blank slate for movement artists to experiment with their artistic practice in some form of student-teacher relationship. CLASSCLASSCLASS values a willingness to investigate ideas, without the pressure of product. Students, come as you are.

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Before Your Eyes/Jo Andres

Before Your Eyes honors the legacy and film/light/dance work of founder Jo Andres through the preservation and archiving of her original body of work as both a choreographer and filmmaker, and in support of the creation of new works and platforms for other innovative artists working in dance, performance and film.

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AUNTS and ClassClassClass

AUNTS and ClassClassClass, two programs of Before Your Eyes serve a community of Dance and Performing artists throughout New York City and beyond.

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“AUNTS resists formal didacticism in favor of creating the social conditions for spontaneous, simultaneous creative expression.” Andy Horwitz, Culturebot
Class is part of a larger trend among an entrepreneurial generation of younger dance artists who, having taken note of the struggles of their older colleagues, are examining alternative models for sustaining themselves. The New York Times

About Us

Before Your Eyes is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the performing arts.


Before Your Eyes, Inc.
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